Video explaining of the Shartsis Friese lawsuit

Shartsis Friese

A lawsuit has been filed against Shartsis Friese LLP by a former client in the Stanley Mosk courthouse of the California Superior Court.

Actos Legal Help Update: July 2013


Actos legal help
and proceedings continue to march through the courts as more former Actos patients and their attorneys are filing lawsuits due to the increased risks of bladder cancer caused by prolonged exposure to the now-discredited Actos drug regimen for diabetes.

Initial Studies & Health Alarms

Even before Actos was released to the market, the drug showed a link to bladder cancer and heart failure. After this cancer link was revealed, the Actos drug’s manufacturer, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, conducted a study over 10 years to assess risks. After five years, the initial results of that study  revealed how those taking Actos for more than a year had a 40 percent increased risk of bladder cancer over a control group which too other diabetes drugs.

French National Health Study- more bad news

The French National Health Insurance Plan conducted a study that showed a marked increase in bladder cancer risks in patients taking pioglitazone over patients taking other anti-diabetic treatments and drugs.

The French National Health study revealed that there was a significant increase in bladder cancer when a subject’s cumulative dose increased beyond 28,000 milligrams for a period longer than one year. Men in particular were shown to be susceptible to these increased cancer risks.

In June 2011, the French Medicines Agency suspended use of Actos use while the European Union’s European Medicines Agency (EMA) completed a risk/benefit analysis of the drug. In late July, the EMA confirmed an increased risk of bladder cancer, but determined that the benefit of Actos outweighed the risk for some patients and mandated a three- to six-month review of each individual patient. The EMA further concluded that bladder cancer could be lessened by patient selection and exclusion.

Los Angeles Tax Resolution

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